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TAFI By-Laws

Article I: Membership

A. Types of Membership

Section 1 - Regular Members

Regular membership is open to all individuals over the age of eighteen (18) or individuals between the age of thirteen and seventeen (13-17) who are active participants in CFA’s Junior Showmanship (active participants being defined as participating in at least two Junior Showmanship events per calendar year) who own, breed, exhibit, or support the Turkish Angora cat breed, sign a copy of the Code of Ethics (Attachment A), and submit one year’s dues. New members shall receive the appropriate newsletter based on the date joined. Regular members shall have all the privileges of membership including the right to vote and to hold office.

a. All prospective Regular members must be in good standing with CFA. This shall not be meant to exclude fancier members not involved in breeding and/or showing.

b. All prospective Regular Members must have been an Associate Member for at least one (1) full calendar year prior to applying for Regular status (excepting founding members, those who join within six (6) months of the club’s foundation who may elect Regular or Associate Membership status).

c. Applicants must have shown their interest and support for the goals of this organization, and are expected to be an active participant in club-related activities. All applicants for Regular Membership must be in good standing with the club.

d. All prospective Regular Members must, during the term of their Associate membership, participate in at least two club events to retain Regular Membership status. Such events include active participation in meetings, whether online or otherwise; assisting in the show production at any show which the club is sponsoring in any manner; and/or working at least two hours at a breed publicity event sponsored by the club.

e. Applications for Regular membership must be made to the Secretary; the application form shall be available for downloading on the club's website. The Secretary shall make the names and eligibility information available online to current members.

f. Once accepted, Regular members pay dues of $15 per year, and by August 1 of each year thereafter. Any Regular member who fails to pay his/her dues by that date shall be considered an Associate member for that year; at any time during that year, s/he may pay his/her dues and be automatically restored as a Regular member provided s/he is in good standing with both the club and CFA. If s/he does not pay his/her dues by August 1 of the following year, s/he will be dropped from the list of members and must reapply for Associate and/or Regular membership.

Section 2 – Associate Membership

Associate Membership is open to any person who completes an application for membership and is interested in the objectives of the organization. Associate members may not vote or hold office.

a. All prospective Associate members must be in good standing with CFA. This shall not be meant to exclude fancier members not involved in breeding and/or showing.

b. Applications for Associate membership shall be made to the Secretary using the application form available for downloading on the club’s website.

c. Associate members pay $5 per year in dues and may not vote. Associate memberships are renewable every August 1.

3 - Honorary Membership may be granted from time to time to deserving individuals. Honorary Member nominees shall be presented to the Board not less than 30 days before the organization’s Annual Meeting and will be designated Honorary Members by a simple majority vote of the Board. Honorary members cannot vote or hold office.

B. Application for Membership

Applications for membership must be made in writing and be accompanied by one year’s dues. It must be sent to the Secretary and put before the Board at the next meeting.

Article II: Dues

Annual dues for Regular Members of this organization are $15. Annual dues for Associate Members of this organization are $5. Honorary Members shall pay no dues.

Dues shall be payable in US currency only.

The Board may from time to time vote to change the amount of yearly dues by a 2/3 majority.

Article III: Meetings

Section 1:

Communication between members will take place via an e-mail list maintained by the Secretary and on yahoo groups. A regular meeting may be held at any TAFI sponsored show. At least four meetings per year shall be held on dates selected by the membership.

The Board may meet in executive session at the President’s discretion to address confidential issues.

Section 2:

An annual vote meeting for the election of Officers and Directors shall be held during the CFA International Show, with in person and online participation permitted.

Section 3:

Special electronic meetings, via Yahoo conference room may be called at any time by the President and shall be called at the written request of three or more Regular members.

Section 4:

When possible all meetings shall be held as electronic conferences, with the exception of meetings at any TAFI sponsored show or meetings held in conjunction with the CFA Annual or CFA International Show, which shall be an in-person meeting with online participation permitted.

Section 5:

All meetings shall be open to Regular and Associate members, and to prospective members. The President shall act as conference leader during meetings. Special meetings may be limited to members, voting members, or the Board of Directors if circumstances require it.

Section 6:

Meeting minutes for all meetings shall be made available in the club's online files, within 7 days of the conclusion of the meeting.

Section 7:


A majority of the Board or their proxy shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business.

The proxy delegation must be written and must designate the meeting for which it applies. No continuing proxy designations will be recognized.
No Director may serve as proxy for another.
No person may serve as proxy for two Directors.
A quorum for the purpose of transacting the business of this organization shall consist of the following:

For Annual, regular and special meetings, a quorum shall consist of 25% of the regular non-Officer members and 2 Officers.
For Board meetings a quorum shall consist of the majority of the members of the Board.

Article IV: TAFI Elections

Section 1 - Eligibility

Any Regular member over the age of eighteen (18) and in good standing is eligible to be nominated, or to declare to be a candidate, for an Officer or Director. Eligible members desiring to run for office may submit a written declaration of their candidacy to the Secretary not later than September 15 prior to the election to be held at the organization’s Annual Meeting. Nominations for office can be made in writing no later than September 15 of any election year.

Section 2:

The election procedures shall be as follows:

Election of Officers and Director shall be by written or electronic ballot. Ballots shall be distributed to all Regular Members in good standing no later than October 1 of each election year. The sealed ballots should be mailed or delivered to the designated election clerk so as not to be postmarked after October 31 of that year.

The results of the election shall be announced to the membership with the announcement of the time and place of the Annual Meeting. With approval of the members at the Annual Meeting, the Secretary shall destroy the ballots following the Annual Meeting.

a. At least one Officer or Director must be from outside the United States and Canada.

b. At that time, the members shall also choose a Regular or Associate member as the Election Clerk. Only a member who is not running for an elected position on the Board of Directors is eligible for this post. No person shall serve as an Election Clerk while that person, a member of that person’s household or co-owner of the same CFA registered cattery is a candidate for an elected position. If preferred by a majority of the Regular members, a person unaffiliated with the club may assume this post for the duration of the election. The Election Clerk shall receive and count votes only for the election of Officers and the Directors. Election Clerk is a temporary position, and the holder of this post is not to be considered as an Officer of the club.

c. The ballot listing the candidates for each position shall be uploaded to the club files immediately after the conclusion of the nominations.

d. Regular members may cast votes by sending a private electronic mail message or regular mail message to the Election Clerk, stating their choices for the elected positions. Members are asked to use one message to vote for all the positions. Votes may be changed once cast if the new vote is received by the Election Clerk before the close of voting; however, members are encouraged to avoid doing so if possible. Late votes or votes cast by ineligible parties shall be disregarded.

e A maximum of two (2) Regular members may share one electronic account for voting purposes. Each member must vote in separate messages, and each message must clearly identify which member is casting the vote.

f. The votes shall be counted by the Election Clerk when voting is completed, who shall announce the results within 48 hours of the conclusion of voting. In the event of a tie between two or more candidates for an office, a second ballot shall be held, using the same procedures. Elections for Officers shall be decided by a simple majority of the valid ballots returned.

g. The Election Clerk shall keep all votes confidential and shall not disclose the identity or ballot choices of any voting member for any reason. Failure to maintain confidentiality shall subject the Election Clerk to disciplinary action from the club and may result in their being barred from future service as Election Clerk.

Section 3:

The procedures for voting must take into the account the international members and electronic nature of this organization. All members are entitled to attend meetings and participate in any discussion.

Section 4:

The term of office for any elected official of this club is two years, commencing January 1 and ending December 31. Should a vacancy occur in any office except President, the Board of Directors shall appoint a member to that office for the balance of the unexpired term. The Vice-President shall fill the office of President for the remainder of the term should the President be unable to serve for any reason. All officials of this club must be Regular members in good standing with the club and with CFA. All elected positions must be held by individuals and may not be combined. One person may not hold two Board positions.

Section 5:

A member holding any elected position is required to vote on at least 2/3 of the issues presented during his/her time in office, and is expected to be an active participant in club activities.

Article V: National/Regional CFA Ballots

Turkish Angora Fanciers, International is an international club drawing its membership from all CFA regions. The club's official region of residence is that in which the club Secretary resides.

Section 1:

Determining TAFI’s ballot for CFA Officers and Directors election shall be by a membership vote. The TAFI ballot will be cast reflecting the candidate for each position receiving the most votes. In the case of a tie, the Board shall determine which of the tied candidates is marked on the TAFI ballot by majority vote.

a. For all ballots except the elections for CFA Officers and Directors, the Secretary shall send an e-mail and/or regular mail to all members, clearly stating the issue and the choices. The title of the message shall reflect its topic. The ballot shall be submitted to Regular Members upon receipt and is due within thirty (30) days of mailing.

b. In order to vote, a member must send an electronic mail or regular mail message to the Secretary, clearly stating the issue on which he is voting and how he chooses to cast his vote, within the time allowed for voting. Late votes or votes cast by ineligible parties shall be disregarded.

c. A maximum of two (2) Regular members may share one electronic account for voting purposes. Each member must vote in separate messages, and must clearly identify which member is casting the vote in each message. If more than two votes per issue are received under one electronic address, all votes from that address shall be invalidated for that issue.

d. The Secretary shall count the votes and post a new e-mail with the results of the voting. The results shall be posted within 24 hours of the end of the time allowed for voting.

Section 2:

The club delegate to the CFA Annual meeting shall be chosen each May by a majority of the Board. The delegate will vote according to the wishes of the club membership as determined by its vote.

CFA Delegate vote:

Under the provisions of the CFA Constitution, each full member CFA club in good standing is entitled to cast one vote at all Annual or special meetings of CFA. This organization’s delegate to the Annual Meeting of CFA, or other special CFA meeting, must comply with all articles and sections of the CFA Constitution pertaining to said delegates.

Article VI: Duties of Officers and Directors

Section 1:

The Officers of this club are as follows:

(a) President:

The President shall be the chief executive Officer, and shall preside as conference leader for all meetings. S/He shall be a member ex-officio of all committees, chair of the Board, appoint committees as needed, and shall perform all other functions consistent with this office.

(b) Vice-President:

The Vice-President shall serve as the chairperson of major committees as appointed by the President, and shall act in the stead of the President in all respects whenever the President is absent or unable to fulfill his/her duties.

(c) Secretary:

The Secretary shall serve as the contact person for CFA; shall welcome new members by sending the appropriate newsletter based on date joined, and shall be the organization's recording and corresponding Officer. S/He shall make available transcripts of club meetings, as well as upload and maintain club-related electronic files. S/He shall keep a current and accurate membership list with mailing addresses, telephone numbers, and electronic addresses. S/He shall conduct any correspondence in the club's name at the instruction of the President. S/He shall be in charge of all balloting except elections, which are presided over by the Election Clerk. S/He shall keep all incoming and outgoing correspondence of the organization, direct correspondence to the Board as appropriate, and report regular correspondence at meetings. The Secretary shall send invitations to prospective members and inform applicants of acceptance to membership, shall send out ballots for election of Officers and Directors, ballots for Constitutional amendments, and notices for payment of dues. Should the Secretary be absent from any Board or general meeting, the presiding Officer shall appoint a temporary secretary for that meeting.

(d) Treasurer:

The Treasurer shall be the chief financial Officer. S/He shall collect dues and have custody of all club monies, shall open a bank account in the name of the club, and shall keep account of all receipts and expenditures. S/He shall upload a yearly financial report two weeks before the April Annual meeting. The Treasurer shall present before disbursement of this organization’s funds any expenditure or proposed expenditure for approval at a regular meeting of this organization by a majority vote of regular members present at the meeting, or by majority vote of Board members present at any special meeting.

Section 2:

Directors: Two Directors shall also be elected. They shall join with the Officers to compose the Board of Directors, and shall serve to represent the interests of the membership. Directors shall serve on committees as needed, and use their skills to best promote the interests of this club.

The Board of Directors shall be the governing body of TAFI and shall act on its behalf as required. The Board shall have the power to expel members for cause in accordance with Article X of these Bylaws, to amend these Bylaws in accordance with Article XI and the Constitution.

Article VII: Standing Committees

Awards Committee – shall be responsible for all awards activities of TAFI, including but not limited to, annual show awards, individual awards to TAFI members for outstanding service, and other awards or recognition as may be set by the Board. The annual show awards shall consist of recognition presented at the Annual Meeting to the highest scoring 10 Turkish Angora Championship cats, 10 Turkish Angora kittens, and 10 Turkish Angora Premiership cats exhibited at CFA shows the preceding season. The rankings for TAFI awards shall be based on the points earned at CFA cat shows as published in and consistent with CFA’s National/Regional scoring methods.

Show Committee – shall be responsible for determining the guidelines and arrangements for conducting TAFI sponsored shows as authorized and directed by the Board, including election of show facilities and recruiting of show committee members to handle local activities.

The composition and duties of ad-hoc committees when required from time to time shall be determined by the President or Board.

Article VII: Finances

Section 1:

An accounting year of this club shall run from January 1 to December 31.

Section 2:

In the conduct of the affairs of this club, the Board of Directors is authorized to spend, as required, any expenditure or proposed expenditure of this organization not to exceed one hundred dollars without the approval of a majority vote of the regular membership. For show expenses the Board is authorized to allow authorize expenditures by the Treasurer for amounts up to $1000 without obtaining prior approval of the membership.

Section 3:

In the conduct of the affairs of this club, the Secretary is authorized to purchase required postage and clerical supplies without prior approval. The Treasurer is authorized to purchase required items and pay customary CFA expenses without prior Board approval. Statements of expenditures will be promptly reimbursed without fanfare. The Secretary shall include a financial report of all such expenditures in the club's meeting minutes and newsletters.

Section 4:

No other club funds will be disbursed without the prior approval of the Board of Directors.

Section 5:

In the event that this club is dissolved, any accumulated funds will be donated to a reputable non-profit organization devoted to feline welfare in accordance with Article XII of the Bylaws.

Article IX: Show and Ring Production

Section 1:

The club may produce individual rings in co-operation with other CFA clubs who hold a show license.

The club may sponsor a scored allbreed or specialty ring by providing assistance to a club licensed to hold a CFA show. This may include financial assistance, i.e. paying for the expenses of a judge, and/or other forms of assistance as needed by the licensed club.

The club may sponsor an educational ring to be held during a cat show licensed by another CFA club. The theme of the educational ring shall be determined in conjunction with the other club.

Section 2:

This club may not sponsor any show rings except in cooperation with an existing CFA club.

Section 3:

The club shall be permitted to obtain a license to produce its own shows, to be held in varying locations, to best benefit the promotion of the breed. The club further shall act in concert with established clubs to co-produce shows to further the promotion of the Turkish Angora breed.

The club shall be permitted to sponsor any ring or award that furthers promotion of the Turkish Angora breed, including but not limited to Breed Rosettes at the CFA International Show.

Article X: Discipline

Members who have been permanently or temporarily suspended from receiving CFA services as the result of a disciplinary hearing shall automatically be expelled from membership in TAFI. Members on probation from CFA services may reapply for membership in TAFI upon completion of their temporary suspension.

Section 1:

The Board of Directors shall have power, by a two-thirds vote, to reprimand, suspend, or expel from membership any person who, after a fair hearing of both accuser and accused, shall be found guilty of violating a rule of the club, a breach of the Turkish Angora Fanciers, International Code of Ethics, or of a fraudulent, dishonest act or of conduct detrimental to the interests of the club or the cat fancy at large. Charges against any member shall be made in writing with a notarized signature of the accuser(s), and shall be delivered to the Secretary in person or by registered mail. A copy of the charges shall be furnished to the accused by certified or registered mail at least fifteen (15) days prior to the date of any Board meeting at which the charges are to be considered. No oral or anonymous charges, or charges without original signature, will be considered, including those made via electronic mail.

The Board shall then schedule an electronic hearing at which both the accuser and the accused must be present.

Section 2:

Any member, Regular or Associate, may bring a charge or protest and request a hearing, provided such comes in written form and with a fee of $50.00. The accused member shall be forwarded copies of any complaint or protest and provided a time of fourteen (14) days for written rebuttal. After this time, a full and fair hearing on the matter shall be scheduled within thirty (30) days.

Section 3:

If charges are filed against a member of the Board of Directors, the procedure shall be the same, except that the accused Board member may not vote for or against the charges. The accuser may send the charges to a different member of the Board of Directors if either the President or the Secretary is the person being accused.

Section 4:

If the Board determines that charges brought against a member by another member are fraudulent and that the accuser had malicious or slanderous intent, the accuser shall in turn be subject to immediate discipline from the Board of Directors.

Article XI: Amendments

These By-Laws may be amended as provided in the Constitution, with results of voting to be posted on the club’s website within 48 hours of the close of voting.

Article XII Dissolution

TAFI shall not be disbanded as long as 75% of the voting members in good standing vote to continue. Such vote shall be by written ballot mailed by the Secretary to all members eligible to vote and shall be returned to the Secretary.

In the event the membership does not vote to continue TAFI, all accounts shall be settled by the Treasurer, all properties, if any, shall be sold at the Board's direction, and an audit of the treasury shall be performed.

The Treasurer shall thereafter deposit all monies of TAFI into one account in TAFI’s name. Withdrawals from said account shall require the signatures of both the Treasurer and President.

If TAFI is not reactivated within 5 years of the election not to continue, TAFI will be declared to have been disbanded and the total monies on deposit in the special savings account shall be donated to the Winn Feline Foundation of CFA with the designation that the monies be used first for any genetic and/or health research related to the Turkish Angora breed.

Attachment A


I, __________________________, have applied for membership in the TURKISH ANGORA FANCIERS, INTERNATIONAL and agree to abide by this CODE OF ETHICS.

Each member of TAFI has the obligation to conduct themselves in a manner reflecting credit upon themselves as a representative of the cat fancy, on the breed of cat which they breed and upon TAFI. A member of TAFI who undertakes the breeding of a litter of cats or who allows the use of any cat in his/her possession to that end, shall endeavor to produce of exceptional quality, temperament and condition. Members of TAFI shall comply with all current CFA regulations.

1. Concern for the Breed

I will respect the nature of the Turkish Angora cat and will provide a clean, safe and pleasant environment for my cats. I will take special safeguards and precautions to sell or place cats and kittens only in home where they are loved and appreciated and well cared for. My motive for breeding cats will be, along with the enjoyment of having Turkish Angoras in my home, the desire to preserve and improve the fine qualities of this breed, and will not be based on financial gain.

2. Accurate Representation of the Breed

I will be professional in all my dealings with prospective buyer's understanding of the Turkish Angora, its merits, personality, and all terms of the sale. I will be honest, fair, and as accurate as possible in all appraisals, including refusing sale of a Turkish Angora cat to any potential owner whose situation is unlikely to be accepting of the breed's personality. I will display utmost integrity and professionalism in all descriptions of any cat. Therefore, I will give only my opinions and will not make such predictions as "future grand," "will give so many kittens," "guaranteed stud," "no faults," etc. I shall refrain from misleading advertising, or misrepresentation in any fashion the breed of cat another breeder produces. I shall not, orally or in writing, or by electronic means, either intentionally or with negligence or reckless disregard for the truth, make any false or misleading statement that would harm or tend to harm the reputation (individually or business) of another TAFI member, or of that member’s cats or breeding practices.

3. Agreements and Certifications

I will not sell my whole kittens and cats without written agreements. I will not sell cats or kittens to pet shops or any organization for research.[1] I will require a written neuter agreement for my cats and kittens sold as pets to be altered, and require a veterinarian's certification of alteration at the proper age before the sale is considered final and the registration papers are transferred and the pedigree provided the new owners. I will sell Turkish Angoras for breeding and show with proper registration papers, accurate pedigrees, and health records transferred to buyer after full payment is received. I will not breed Turkish Angora cats to any non-Turkish Angora cat, nor will I knowingly sell a Turkish Angora cat for breeding to a non-Turkish Angora cat.

4. Integrity, Ethics, Professional Standards

I will not knowingly expose any cat or person to disease or unsanitary conditions. My cats and kittens shall be under the regular care of licensed veterinarian, be appropriately immunized, be tested for feline leukemia at regular intervals, and shall be bred only for the purpose of improving the breed.

5. Sportsmanship and Conduct

In the show hall, I shall exhibit respect, professionalism and good will toward my fellow exhibitors and toward all show officials. I shall demonstrate respect for all judging decisions, whether I agree with them or not. I shall abide by the rules that govern each show, whether I am a spectator or an exhibitor. I shall view the health and the well being of the Turkish Angora, and my relationship with others in CFA, the club and the cat fancy as my primary concern over success in the show hall.

I shall view cat show spectators and members of the general public as potential Turkish Angora fanciers, owners, and breeders, and shall treat them with respect and courtesy.

I will promote the club, and strive to cultivate and encourage friendship and communication among members of the club and Turkish Angora breeders



Printed Name:

[1] This does not preclude the donation of tissue or other samples to publicly known and accepted medical researchers and/or facilities for the purpose of resolving health issues in the breed.