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Code of Ethics

All members of TAFI are required to read and sign our Code of Ethics, below, as a condition of acceptance as a member of the club.

It is our goal to promote ethical, responsible and good health-oriented breeding and business practices from our breeder members.

We also strive to exhibit integrity with responsible and professional conduct from any of our members who are actively representing our breed or our club.

From our members who are active in showing the breed, we expect nothing less than excellence in sportsmanship and conduct toward one another, the judges, show officials, exhibitors of other breeds and the public guests who visit a cat show.

We have put a great deal of thought into our Code of Ethics and it is a key part of the club.

If you would like to join TAFI, you will be asked to read and sign a copy of this -

TAFI Code of Ethics:

I, __________________________, have applied for membership in the TURKISH ANGORA FANCIERS, INTERNATIONAL and agree to abide by this CODE OF ETHICS.

Each member of TAFI has the obligation to conduct themselves in a manner reflecting credit upon themselves as a representative of the cat fancy, on the breed of cat which they breed and upon TAFI. A member of TAFI who undertakes the breeding of a litter of cats or who allows the use of any cat in his/her possession to that end, shall endeavor to produce of exceptional quality, temperament and condition. Members of TAFI shall comply with all current CFA regulations.

1. Concern for the Breed

I will respect the nature of the Turkish Angora cat and will provide a clean, safe and pleasant environment for my cats. I will take special safeguards and precautions to sell or place cats and kittens only in home where they are loved and appreciated and well cared for. My motive for breeding cats will be, along with the enjoyment of having Turkish Angoras in my home, the desire to preserve and improve the fine qualities of this breed, and will not be based on financial gain.

2. Accurate Representation of the Breed

I will be professional in all my dealings with prospective buyer's understanding of the Turkish Angora, its merits, personality, and all terms of the sale. I will be honest, fair, and as accurate as possible in all appraisals, including refusing sale of a Turkish Angora cat to any potential owner whose situation is unlikely to be accepting of the breed's personality. I will display utmost integrity and professionalism in all descriptions of any cat. Therefore, I will give only my opinions and will not make such predictions as "future grand," "will give so many kittens," "guaranteed stud," "no faults," etc. I shall refrain from misleading advertising, or misrepresentation in any fashion the breed of cat another breeder produces. I shall not, orally or in writing, or by electronic means, either intentionally or with negligence or reckless disregard for the truth, make any false or misleading statement that would harm or tend to harm the reputation (individually or business) of another TAFI member, or of that member’s cats or breeding practices.

3. Agreements and Certifications

I will not sell my kittens and cats without written agreements. I will not sell cats or kittens to pet shops or any organization for research.[1] I will require a written neuter agreement for my cats and kittens sold as pets to be altered, and require a veterinarian's certification of alteration at the proper age before the sale is considered final and the registration papers are transferred and the pedigree provided the new owners. I will sell Turkish Angoras for breeding and show with proper registration papers, accurate pedigrees, and health records transferred to buyer after full payment is received. I will not breed Turkish Angora cats to any non-Turkish Angora cat, nor will I knowingly sell a Turkish Angora cat for breeding to a non-Turkish Angora cat.

4. Integrity, Ethics, Professional Standards

I will not knowingly expose any cat or person to disease or unsanitary conditions. My cats and kittens shall be under the regular care of licensed veterinarian, be appropriately immunized, be tested for feline leukemia at regular intervals, and shall be bred only for the purpose of improving the breed.

5. Sportsmanship and Conduct

In the show hall, I shall exhibit respect, professionalism and good will toward my fellow exhibitors and toward all show officials. I shall demonstrate respect for all judging decisions, whether I agree with them or not. I shall abide by the rules that govern each show, whether I am a spectator or an exhibitor. I shall view the health and the well being of the Turkish Angora, and my relationship with others in CFA, the club and the cat fancy as my primary concern over success in the show hall.

I shall view cat show spectators and members of the general public as potential Turkish Angora fanciers, owners, and breeders, and shall treat them with respect and courtesy.

I will promote the club, and strive to cultivate and encourage friendship and communication among members of the club and Turkish Angora breeders



Printed Name

[1] This does not preclude the donation of tissue or other samples to publicly known and accepted medical researchers and/or facilities for the purpose of resolving health issues in the breed.