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TAFI is a Cat Fanciers Association-affiliated, show-producing Turkish Angora Breed Club. It was organized as a cat club for the fancier, exhibitor and breeder of the Turkish Angora cat. Our purposes include the promotion of the breed, the establishment of friendships, and as a venue where those with genuine interest in the breed can find education and mentors.

We encourage communication between club members via our on-line club list and through attendance, when possible, at meetings.

Our membership dues are $5.00 for an associate membership and $15.00 for a regular membership. All associate members will be invited to join us with show production, to meet with us via our on-line club list and will also receive our regular publications. Regular members will enjoy the same benefits as associate members, and will also be eligible to vote on CFA and club-related issues.

Pending our incorporation as a non-profit club, all applicants will be considered provisional members, and will not need to submit dues until these items are completed, or until further notice. Upon our incorporation, all provisional members will need to submit the appropriate dues in order to continue membership in the club.

All members are required to read and sign our Code of Ethics to be approved as a member of the Turkish Angora Fanciers International. Until such time as we are able to receive these by mail, the completion of the form below will serve as your signature on the TAFI Code of Ethics.

Your completion of this form will also serve as your signature that you have read and agree to abide by the TAFI by-laws, practices and policies and that you have no current CFA sanctions against you.

As you fill out the application form,either use the TAB key to move from one information entry field to the the next, or simply click on the next information entry field.

When you are finished, submit the form by either clicking on the "submit form" button,
or simply pressing the Enter key on your keyboard!

application form

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